Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Old Home Place

"The Old Home Place"
36" x 18"
Oil On Canvas

Some paintings are just so much fun to paint that you hate to finish them. I really enjoy working on paintings that take me somewhere, ones that bring back fond childhood memories about people and places. Not just the house it’s self but the way the light falls through the tress and hit’s the side of the house, almost inviting you to step up on the porch and sit a while.

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Marilyn M. King said...

Amanda, this is great in so many ways! The serenity, gentle light, reverent and thoughtful handling of the homestead, and calming colors all come together for a very special painting. Is this in the Atlanta area and is it part of your family history?

Amanda Carder said...

Thanks so much Marilyn, I just love this old house. It is in the Atlanta area, on Hwy 20 between Cartersville and canton, but not part of my family. It does however bring back memories of some of the houses my grandparents lived in when I was a child. I really enjoyed painting this one!

Michael Peterson said...

You and your work have inspired me. Your paintings speak of a beautiful spirit. I learned so much listening to and watching you at Bobbie's and look forward to learning more.

Amanda Carder said...

Thanks you so much Michael, It was my pleasure. I look forward to seeing your work.

Bobbe Has asked if I would like to teach a class there. We will keep you updated. Send me your e-mail