Thursday, May 14, 2009

To Dance or not to Dance

" The Depot"
48" x 24"
Oil on Canvas

Its funny how looking back can sometimes make you move forward. I have been so busy painting, learning, teaching and showing my art that sometimes you forget to breathe.

This is not one of my most recent paintings, it’s been on loan to a friend and I just got it back a few weeks ago. I had it with me at the show in Greenville; I was a bit surprised at the attention it received.

I painted this as an attempt to begin thinking outside the box. Something to push me to the next step as a painter. Well guess what, it worked. Having it in front of me again has reminded me to “Step it up”

So wish me luck, there is never any telling where this feeling can take you!

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Teresa said...

This is stunning Amanda!

Amanda Carder said...

Thanks so much Teresa! Thanks for your support!