Tuesday, June 16, 2009

For the Love of Animals

Oil on Canvas
30" x 15"
Just another busy day at a show in South Carolina or so I thought. As I’m busily talking with I am not sure how many people, I did not realized someone had not only come in my booth, chatted, checked out my animal paintings, made the decision to have me do a commission for her but walked the two miles back home to get the photo and returned before it could register with me she really liked my work!!

I had the opportunity to paint this wonderful animal in all of his Glory, and I must say I got rather attached. This amazing dog was homed with someone through Greyhound Crossroads, who turned him back in and was lucky enough to find the perfect loving home where he got to live life to the fullest. He now has these initials after his name: FCh, RE, JC, CGC, TDI, GCADX which I have very little idea what they mean. The CGC is Canine Good Citizen; TDI is probably therapy dog international but I am not sure about the others. JD has learned to read from Flash cards, about 15 words. Things like sit, stay, down, etc. “Really one smart dog.”

She was telling me “Last year he was diagnosed with bone cancer - left front leg. Joanne treated him very aggressively with homeopathy, and natural remedies - and herbs. He's still around. Moves slowly, but still with us.”

The painting is for her and her love of this awesome animal!


Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

Wow Amanda! This is amazing...you captured all the strength and agility of this beautiful animal!!

Vern Schwarz said...

Amanda, this is a fabulous painting capturing the speed and and grace of this animal. What a happy...not so happy story. Hope he'll be okay... sounds like a really neat dog.

Teresa said...

Oh WOW!!!!! This is stunning! The movement is absoluetly amazing Amanda, and the dog is gorgeous! I love this!!!

Kay Lybrand said...

You out did yourself!!!!BEAUTIFUL

Amanda Carder said...

Thank all of you so much, I really enjoyed painting this one! I was sad to find out the day I shipped the painting JD passed away! I was glad to be able to play a small part in keeping his memory around.!!