Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wild Intent

14" x 10"
Oil on Canvas

This was one of the new paintings I finished up to take to the boat show with me. It’s always wonderful when someone happens along that has a story that they associate with one of my paintings. This woman had just seen her first bobcat in the wild and was thrilled to see the painting.
This was a blast to paint, I truly love painting wildlife!


Sheila said...

Wow!!!! okay... you've left me unusually speechless. What an awesome painting. I'm humbled in your presence [now backing away bowing in reverence toward you....]

Amanda Carder said...

Sheila, you are to kind. I do love painting animals, and study them often. Ezra Tucker is one of my favorite wildlife artists. I am sure you would enjoy his work as well!

Edward Burton said...

BEAUTIFUL painting, Amanda. Amazing job!