Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Workshop at Elder Ridge Studios

Elder Ridge Studios - Wow! What a fantastic concept.

A beautiful home in the North Georgia mountains with a studio for artists to learn and share ideas. Anita Elder, the owner of this delightfully pleasant studio, was a most gracious host to me and my students just this past weekend as I offered instruction in intermediate oil painting.

After an intense day of study on Friday, we ended with a wine and cheese party that night. Raring to go Saturday morning, we began again and spent many wonderful hours creating some amazing quality work. Our breaks were as creative as our class, as we gathered round the table to discuss artisitic techniques and chow down on Anita's delicious vegetable beef soup.

The whole experience was such a success, as we were wrapping up, Anita and I immediately 'inked in' our next event - May 21-23. The class will be a plein air workshop painting in several private locations across the North Georgia mountains.


Sheila said...

aaah... how wonderful, like a play date for artists. I'm envious.

Amanda Carder said...

Yes it’s amazing how even when you are working hard, when you’re doing something you love it is kind of like a play date! But I have to say these students where wonderfully dedicated, I have a high level of respect for the amount of effort they put into the class. It was an honor to be their instructor.

It truly was a wonderful weekend!